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Making Someone Smile Everyday

We, at the Metanoiah, believe to spread smiles, our little actions in turn can lead to a huge change in society. We work for women empowerment, mental health, supporting old age homes and orphanages, afforestation, fighting against social stigmas, and influencing young minds

Our Verticles


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Happy Kids Huddle

Statement Makers

Helping women make statements

(Women Empowerment)

We aim to raise our voice for Women Empowerment and organise events for awareness 

Mission Hope

Mental Health Support

We are there for you, whenever you need a friend to talk to, we are a text away. We also provide free counselling session and organise events related to mental health.


Turning Reveries into Realities (Supporting Old Age Homes and Orphanages)

We link up with Old Age homes and Orphanages and conduct sessions with kids and adults. We try to conduct new and interesting events so as to make everyone more cheerful and happy.

Image by Sebastian Unrau
Image by Sharon McCutcheon
Library Book Shelves

Cyne Fin

Planting trees, planting future (Afforestation)

We encourage afforestation and organise events to promote and raise awareness for the same. We also collect donations from similar events and donate it to the sectors working for flora and fauna.


Bonded through Imperfections

(Fighting social stigmas) 

We fight against the stigmas in society and believe that imperfectness is beautiful. We organize events for the same and also create awareness on the terms that are considered a taboo. 


Influencing Young Minds

(Discovering Talents)

We give a platform to all kinds of talent and believe that a young mind can be moulded to any shape. We aim to make the shape as a bright positive star with a happy future.

We have special programs for kids and teenagers for the same. We also support the motto of good education.


Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

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